Who is Freight Gruntz?

Freight Gruntz is a 3PL Freight Brokerage and Software company which originated with a few core principles in the for front which are Orginazation, Technology, and Customer Sevice. With 95% of our leadership actively serving in the US Armed Forces, and the other percentage prior military. Freight Gruntz found a revolutionized way to provide the sound tenancity that we found our customers lacking, and to be a solutionary to the logistics industry.

We assist our customers moving their shipments in real time with the comfort of tracking, front line customer sevice and a compotent back office that can address any needs that may arise. We stand by our motto “ Their is no shipment too dirty for Freight Gruntz”.


Meet the Team

Raki Watson


Walter Ivory Jr.


Attorney Jesse Bundy Esq.


Kenny T.

VP of Business Relations

Kimberly P.

VP of Strategy Initiatives

Clarence Williams


Minzie R.

Customer Relations

Ronda Watson

Board Member

Quenella Garrett

Board Member

Chianti Ivory

Board Member

Our Values